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The Gorehound's Playground is the premier retail store and community dedicated to turning the people of the world on to obscure cult classic movies; particularly thriller and horror. 

Currently located in Fort Collins, it carries a massive collection of titles, collectibles, comics, art and more, while also featuring a theater space for fun, unusual events, games, gatherings!  


The Gorehound's Playground was founded on Halloween of 2017. The concept was borne out of the owners general love for cinema, specifically his obsession with the horror genre, and his desire to turn people on to obscure cult classic movies.  Of course, only the best!


There is a fantastic amateur and professional music scene here and a growing indie film scene as well. There are several businesses that cater to the art scene in Fort Collins but none solely dedicated to the counterculture and the horror community. 


Not only is the exhibition side of the independent film industry growing in Northern Colorado; there are several filmmakers looking to start a networking web of influence here as well. That is where we come in. 


The Gorehound's Playground provides a supportive environment along with a facility where the loyal, dedicated fans of Horror, Sci-Fi and Cult Classic genres can shop for unique retail items, buy and sell their art or collectibles, host a party, network and socialize. 




The Owner (Jeff)


Jeff Abbott retired from a thirty-four-year career in the hospitality industry to pursue one of his greater passions: sharing great, often overlooked, art with others. As a life long collector of movies, music, comics, and more Jeff has always loved sharing new, quirky, wonderful stuff with people. 


"My goal with this project is to turn people on to new things they may have never heard of before. To give people who share the same passion for the counterculture a place to hang out and meet new friends.





The Gorehound's Playground's mission is to provide our customers with an alternative source of multimedia products, collectibles, home décor, and apparel items all based on counterculture themes. 

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