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8 Movies Perfect for the Krampus Season

December 10, 2018

In celebration of Krampus II (and honorable mention: Once Upon a Deadpool) we at Gorehound’s Playground wanted to let you in on a few exciting holiday frights. While not all of these are particularly bloody, they are all fantastic (and twisted) films tied to our favorite pagan holiday, Christmas—in no particular order.



(From “The Grinch,” Imagine Entertainment, 2000)


1. The Grinch (2000)


With the new Grinch adaptation coming out, the live-action take deserves more attention than ever. Barely family-friendly, this movie doesn’t shy away from adult jokes, scary sets, and an avant-garde approach to Dr. Seuss’ classic Christian tale.  Everyone can relate to Jim Carrey screeching ‘LOATHE ENTIRELY’ on the top of a mountain come the holidays or eating a glass bottle while having an existential crisis in one’s cave. This movie is worthy of being on anyone’s spooky holiday watching list.



(From “Black Christmas,” Film Funding LTD of Canada, 1974)


2. Black Christmas (1974)


A Christmas cat-and-mouse slasher between police and a madman. After a young local girl is brutally murdered, other girls in her social group begin getting unsettling phone calls in the dead of night. With Jack Frost nipping at their nose, a young woman and police officers must run against both the clock and the murderer to stay alive. This vintage piece stays true to its genre and is perfect for any classic slasher fanatic wanting to get into the holiday mood. There is al 2006 remake, but I would recommend watching the original that came out the same decade as The Exorcist and follows in a similar vein of style that era is known for.



(From “The Addams Family,” Paramount Pictures, 1991)


3. The Addams Family (1991)


In 1946 Charles Addams published a comic that would soon rock the pop culture world: “Boiling Oil.” The iconic comic repeats itself in the first scene of The Addams Family, where we see Morticia, Gomez, Lurch and other timeless characters do what all of us want to—pour boiling oil onto carolers from three stories up on Christmas Eve. With this as the opening note, The Addams Family ushers in holiday delight for all us fellow Addamses.



(From “Silent Night, Deadly Night,” Slayride Productions Inc., 1984)


4. Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984)


This grindhouse film goes out of its way to not take itself too seriously. Painfully 80’s, Silent Night Deadly Night follows an axe-murdering Santa causing havoc in a small town during the dead of night (pun fully inten-dead). From a toy shop to sledding, Santa takes his slay to every imaginable holiday cliché. This is a cheesy, kitschy flick fit for a MST3K-style commentary fest with friends—all in ugly sweaters, of course. Oh, did I mention how uncomfortable it is that the murderer is a total babe?



(From “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” Walt Disney Pictures, 1993)


5. The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)


Most people believe this to be a Halloween movie. Crazy, right? I mean, the entire movie takes place during Christmas (and conveniently forgets that Thanksgiving exists in between). For the uninitiated, this stop-motion cult classic follows the spirit of Halloween Jack Skellington discovering and immediately wanting to take over Christmas with his friends in tow. Through song and fright, this movie is perfect for a low-key night in.